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10 Feb 2015

NeverWet. Serious weight saving waterproofing for the lightweight traveller

I've just discovered NeverWet. It's already got a lot of people talking in the states. I remember seeing it as 'Teflon Spray' on 'Tomorrow's World', a programme on British TV in the 80's.... and I've been searching for it for the past 25 years!

Now I finally found it!! But you can't get it anywhere else outside the USA. So I ordered some last month off ebay and it arrived in the UK. Finally.
It's amazing.

 If you don't know what it is it's pretty simple:

Spray it on. Thing doesn't get wet. 

Think about that for a minute. It can waterproof your suit. It can waterproof your cheap shoes. For somebody who lives a life on the road this is a game changer, you just need to use your head and apply it.

Some examples:

1) Buy a cheap windbreaker, waterproof it, and get a much lighter waterproof jacket.

2) Buy any shoes you like and worry a lot less about British weather

3) Drop the waterproof lining on your rucksack.

4) Spray it on your laptop for a bit of extra luck (I'm not suggesting it's going to save you, just that it might save your bacon when you spill that coffee)

5) Instead of packing a jacket, just spray your hoodie and loose that extra weight. Or even spray a suit and wear that trekking!

Got any more ideas? Let others know below!

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