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21 Oct 2007

Future Food

keywords: comedy, future, predictions

In the future, people won't eat.
Well, not as they do now.
Rather, eating will become a pure luxury, an optional leisurely pursuit like smoking or drinking.

Instead, to justify the pleasure (aided by glucose absorption inhibitors), nutrient delivery is the dish of the day.

The main obstacle to becoming popular was siting this technology and making it acceptable.

The toe hold was the privacy of the homes of the wealthy elite. But now anyone can top up after they drop off, including public rest rooms.

To top up, you simply squat over a disposable tube. This reclines to a relaxed position. Next, there is an option for colonic irrigation. Then the plethora of available nutrient options. Not just Vitimins and Minerals but, drugs, medication, tailored amino acids.

Though expensive, the user may then socialise with peers over a sugary blow out of a meal.

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