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2 Oct 2010

Norway payg mobile broadband

In norway at the mo. Got some info for you.

2 networks. Telenor and Netcom. Netcom pay as you go data seems to be at the time of writing ~£0.20p/mb. Telenor, not sure. MMS international certainly a lot, only managed to send 2 with <20kr>
"Telenor offers unlimited Traffic for 50 NOK (6,5€) / 24h. Counter re-starts at midnight. "

Topping up (refill) is not so easy on telenor if you don't speak Norwiegan of course. One way is buy a top up in a shop and ask them to help (nicely, and in a quiet time!). Online, try this - telenor.no > look for `lad` click that - then you can put the amount and your number. It can be a game getting it right the first time. Start the number with the 9. If that doesn't work start it with 00479... (10 digit I think)

I've been using this to work on a website for someone- http://www.oakparksecurity.org.uk/businessAccessControl.shtml

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