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3 Feb 2013

Living in a car fulltiming


"Varner emphatically agrees. "What's the worst-case scenario?" he says, chuckling. "I fail and can't afford rent? I have to go live in a car?"

Sleep: Rear seats down, foam matress, feet in the trunck (boot)
Shower: Gym
Working: Hacker Dojo
Eat: Food in car, fridges at Hacker DoJo
Parking: Wasn't disturbed (it's USA)

$ ""My monthly costs were a grand total of $219. $100 for a 24/7 co-working membership, $39 for a 24/7 gym membership, and $80 at the grocery""

 Highlighting comments:

"Any good sized town is going to have a couple of soup kitchens, shelters, and other 'services' for the poor, pitiful homeless, but the worst thing you can do is spend a lot of time around other homeless people. (There are several reasons, some psychological; but the big one is that, as bad off as you are, you're probably well off by contrast to most of the others, and . . . things level)"

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