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30 Apr 2007

keywords: billabong, surf, surfing, wetsuit

Just look at this, after just 10 sessions my wetsuit is falling apart. These tabs are coming off exposing the unfinished thread underneath.

Is it deliberate?

Who know, but I've been gluing over the threads with wetsuit Black Witch glue. Now I've switched to a cheaper clear stretchy glue, thanks to a friend.

I wouldn't buy Billabong again. This was a Billabong Ocillator. I suggest only buying suits double sitched but also with preglued seems both sides. The extra money spent is worth it.
I only paid £100 for this suit but it would be worth spending £170 for this extra durability I guess as 70% extra use would just be about 17 surfs instead of 10.

Update: about 30 surfs later and it's still holding together - the trick is to nip it in the bud before by catching the thread with the glue before it unravels. But now the neoprene itself is coming thin and separating!

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