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30 Apr 2007

The strange east England seaside

keywords: emit, groccles, holiday, holiday makers, materialistic, Norfolk, seaside

Ever had a clear out and wondered why you bought the crap in the first place?

Well here it all is in one place.

Miles and mile of sprawling tacky, tacky shops. Arcades, junk food and other amusements. I couldn't see anything of any value? Yards of sweets, deep fried food. Plastic, lots of plastic. Gollywogs and other racist fluffy toys. This pic really doesn't capture it.

Here Londoners drive up and spend a cheap holiday I guess -and so does the north; is this their south? At least it's not gridlocked Cornwall I guess.

This was a greater culture shock than Nepal. Amazing.

Having said all this it would be great if I was 15... but then you'd never get in the clubs.

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