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30 Apr 2007

Facebook deleted account nightmare

keywords: facebook, privacy, social networking

Just deleted my Facebook account.

Why would someone do that?

Well, first of all my girlfriend doesn't like my ex'es getting back in touch with me. Understandable yes, fair no.

But also here's the core of the problem there are legitimate reasons for privacy. However, if you block someone from seeing who else you know they get pissy.

Imagine the husband who had a gay spell at University, does he want his children seeing previous bumchums - hopefully it's fine but you can't rely on perfection in others. What about prior convictions or a mis-spent youth?

I learnt the hard way. I suggest you don't. Get the emails you need off there and leave.

So, from now on I will attempt to keep roughly anonymous. And this Blog is the start.

A lesson has been learnt on how to justify privacy - it is needed because other people are not perfect.

Update a few months onwards:

1.6% of Facebook sells for £160 million to Microsoft... please tell me people have th brains to know what that means.

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