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30 Apr 2007

Pollution at Padstow Cornwall

keywords: cornwall, kernow, newquay, Padstow, pollution, sewage, surf, surfers against sewage, surfing

Is this pollution? After one friend surf friend now has an eye infection and another recovers from an ear infection I would like to know.

Meanwhile, I am a member of SAS (Surfers Against Sewage) yet I have no idea of the water quality around our coast.

Does sewage get ejected over the winter and cut back in the summer?
Is this brown poo like sludge sewage? What about the froth that blows over the cliffs?

I must add that as a kid in the late 90's we were swimming at Bournemouth beach and a full human turd went by. Lovely. I'm no tree hugger but this is different.

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